Guided by our mission, and driven by a commitment to results.

Davos is actively seeking investments from passionate people that connect with our mission. We consider our investors to be key success partners at core of our strategic plan. We welcome opportunities to engage with you and share more about why Davos is a good fit for your portfolio.

Experienced Team

Davos is leveraging more than 60 years of lending experience and operations success through it's core team.

Innovative Support

Davos has re-engineered the way businesses borrow money and streamlined lender access to loan guarantees. Our proprietary algorithm is supported by proven technology, making Davos a game-changing fintech contender.

Path to Profitability

Davos has a realistic and tangible financial plan. Our 3-year projections outline a detailed and conservative path to marketability, scale and double-digit profitability.


A Forward Look


Pre-revenue Start Up

Davos is founded and lays a foundation for its policy, partners, product and service delivery.


Phase 1 - Direct Lender Guarantees

Davos launches its B2B pilot guarantee program working directly with mission-focused lenders to guarantee loans in their existing pipeline. Davos grosses $1.4M in sales. NPM 39%.


Phase 2 - Lender Match Platform

Davos launches its B2C Lender Match Platform working directly with borrowers to underwrite, guarantee and match loans to active lenders on the platform. Davos grosses $3.0M in sales. NPM 48%.

For Investors