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How a Loan Guaranty can Change Everything

Davos Guaranty Participating Lenders unlock new opportunities for risk mitigation within their business model. By enrolling loans, the lender is able to:
  • Reduce Net Exposure – The guaranteed portion of the loan is effectively cash-secured; Thereby reducing the risk of loss for the portfolio.
  • Increase Loan Volume – This guarantee is a credit enhancement that allows the Lender to approve loans with mid to high risk factors that may normally result in a denial based on their credit policy
  • Close Loans Faster – Guarantee determinations take about an hour and Guarantee Agreements are provided within 48 hours
  • Offer Flexible Products – Term Loans and Line of Credit are both eligible with the Lender having greater control over the structure of the loan and the servicing relationship


What We Offer Lenders

Close Loans Quickly with a Davos Guarantee!

Calculate Your Guaranty

How Much Do You Need?

$5000 $25000
6 months120 months
Guarantee Fee:
2.0% of the loan amount
Monthly Guaranty Maintenance Fee:
(actual pricing subject to full application)

A quick & transparent process

We have a simple online

Determine Eligibility & Pricing

Submit an online application and receive an instant decision with applicable terms

Get the Guaranty Agreement

Davos will review and draft the Guaranty Agreement within 2 days

Activate the Guaranty

Upload the signed Note, Guaranty Agreement and pay the Guaranty Fee through the secure portal


We can give best facilities
for business

Structure Freedom

Determine the term and interest rate that work best for you and the borrower. Fairness and affordability are the only things we impose.

Servicing Control

You know your borrower. With Davos, you have the flexibility to work with them through the amortization of the loan.

No Oversight

Davos will not impose organization assessments and there are no annual reporting requirements.